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We Delivered Artech Operating Room Integration System To Konya Karatay City Hospital.

We Delivered Artech Operating Room Integration System To Konya Karatay City Hospital.

As Çizgi Teknoloji, we are proud of working non-stop during the pandemic period and delivering our Medical Computers to the Konya Karatay City Hospital, which is one of the valuable City Hospitals projects of Turkey.

In 48 operating rooms of Konya Karatay City Hospital; we installed the Operating Room Integration System in 32, Digital Negatoscope and OR Console and Medical Computer in 12, and only OR Console and Medical Computer in 4.

Artech Operating Room Integration System increases patient safety, more efficient use of operating room staff, time, material and billing management, and success rates in operations, parallel to patient satisfaction and operating room preference rate.

The Artech Digital Negatoscope and Telemedicine System we have established provides easy and fast access to surgical procedures, PACS images and medical information needed during surgery. Our telemedicine system software allows to publish images from medical cameras used during surgery, transfer medical information for consultation, diagnosis or education among specialists, record camera images, and archive them together with other medical information and images belonging to the patient.

 Artech OR Console and Medical Computer, provides the healthcare personnel to access their retrospective procedures and current information quickly and is designed in accordance with the conditions of sterile environment.

Artech Operating Room Control Panel; is designed according to hygienic environment conditions and has an international utility model certificate, in order to provide the most suitable working conditions for operating rooms and to work comfortably in the operating room. Critical parameters such as temperature, humidity, room pressure, hepa filter pollution can be controlled with our Operating Room Control Panel.

In this challenging process, we are delighted to support our healthcare professionals with Artech computers and software.

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