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We Delivered Our Artech Operating Room Integration System to Tekirdağ City Hospital.

We Delivered Our Artech Operating Room Integration System to Tekirdağ City Hospital.

We are proud to position 12 Artech Digital Negatoscope & Telemedicine Systems and 18 Artech Medical Computer Systems in Tekirdağ City Hospital operating rooms, one of the valuable City Hospitals projects of our country.

Artech Operating Room Integration System is our solution, which is one of the important building blocks of digital hospital definition, for digitalization, which offers full integration of devices and medical computers in the operating room with advanced imaging features (endoscopes, cameras, surgical screens, etc.). Artech Operating Room Integration System (Operating Room Consoles) consists of a Digital Negatoscope / Telemedicine System and a Medical Computer. Artech Operating Room Consoles are designed for sterile hospital environments, have 93/42/ EEC Medical Device Certificate and are manufactured in accordance with IEC-60601 Medical Device, electricity and safety standards.

Artech Operating Room Integration System; provides patient safety, more efficient use of operating room personnel, time, material and billing management and increases patient satisfaction and the rate of preference of the operating room in parallel with the success rates in operations.

Artech Digital Negatoscope and Telemedicine system provides easy and fast access to surgical procedures, PACS images and required medical information during surgery. Artech Telemedicine system software enables the broadcasting of images from medical cameras used during surgery, transfer of medical information for consultation, diagnosis or training between specialists, recording camera images and archiving them together with other medical information of the patient. Artech  Medical Computer enables healthcare personnel to quickly access retrospective procedures and up-to-date information of patients.

Artech Operating Room Integration System provides video and data integration for a simple, safe and more modern working environment, enabling operating room staff to focus on the best possible care for patients, and for an optimum collaboration between surgeons, radiologists, anesthetists and other operating room staff, without any error. It is our modular solution that enables the integration of medical technology.

During the pandemic period, we are delighted to support healthcare professionals with Artech medical computers and software.

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