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We Positioned Our Digital Signage and Kiosk Solutions to Tekirdag City Hospital.

We Positioned Our Digital Signage and Kiosk Solutions to Tekirdag City Hospital.

As Çizgi Teknoloji, we are proud to have installed our Artech Digital Signage & Kiosk Solutions; 54 Professional Information Displays, 195 Door Information Displays, 37 Queue Management Kiosks, 133 Counter Led Displays, 51 Flow Displays and 2 3x3 Videowall in Tekirdag City Hospital campus.

Artech Professional Information Displays can be managed from a single center with their special design for corporate identity and architectural decoration. With the ability to publish different contents, it provides the most effective communication to strengthen the corporate image and reach your target audience. Artech Professional Information Display design is suitable for wall, ceiling or built-in installation, and perform your information and promotion activities instantly, effectively and smoothly.

Artech Door Information Displays are designed to be durable for professional use, specially designed for corporate identity and architectural decoration, and are used for directing and informing patients and their relatives to the right areas.

Artech Queue Management Kiosks, Counter Led Displays and Flow Display solutions, which are located in areas with high circulation, regulate the density, direct patients and their relatives to the right units, reduce the stress of following the procedure and enable visitors to do their operations in a comfortable environment. Artech Queue Management Kiosk, Counter Led Display and Flow Screen solutions, can be customized with corporate color and logo with its user-friendly and ergonomic design, are vandal-proof, waterproof and dustproof with the robust stainless steel body. During the COVID-19 pandemic days when social distance is vital for health, it reduces physical interaction between the employee and the visitor and helps to reduce the risk of virus spread with its disinfectable, high-precision touch screen.

Artech Queue Management Kiosk, Counter Led Display and Flow Screens increase the quality of customer relations and the preference of the hospitals with its stylish design and long hours of trouble-free performance.

The effect and the perception of your message is significantly increasing because Artech Videowalls can be positioned in hospital lobbies and waiting areas where the visitors spend the most time, can act as a single screen, as well as present weather conditions, exchange rates or informational contents simultaneously on different screens.

Artech Digital Signage & Kiosk Solutions, which are an effective solution partner in the digitalization of hospitals, contribute to the creation of a safe environment for both hospital employees and visitors by maintaining social distance during the pandemic period with its information and guidance features. 

In this challenging process, we are very happy to support the important projects of Turkey with Artech Digital Signage & Kiosk Solutions product group and software.