We design and offer optimum solutions of Industrial Computer, Medical Computer, Digital Signage and Kiosks that will contribute to your digitalization.

Industrial PC Solutions

We are Turkey' Leading Industrial Computer Manufacturer and the Pioneer of Digitalization.

With Artech Industrial Computers we show up in many industries such as automotive, white appliances, food, petrochemical, rubber, steel, telecommunications, heating and cooling, power stations and manufacturing plants.

We design, manufacture and contribute to your productivity and quality increase by offering the most appropriate and effective solutions in production data collection, process analysis and control, machine and process automation, operator panel applications.

Our Sectoral Products;

  • Industrial Panel PC
  • Barebone PC
  • Industrial Monitor
  • Industrial Kiosk
  • Marine Monitor
  • Industrial Information Displays (Andon)
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Medical Computer Solutions

We are the Leader of Digital Transformation in the Medical Field.

With Artech Medical Computer group we are developing innovative projects to Turkey’s most important hospital groups. We set up digital systems that strengthen communication and trust between the hospital and the patient.

With Artech Modular Operating Room Integration System, we provide digital information and accessibility of critical information and documents for medical processes, and we offer advanced technology solutions that enable operating rooms to be controlled and monitor ideal ambient conditions and increase operating room efficiency.

Our Sectoral Products;

  • Digital Negatoscope and Telemedicine System
  • Operating Room Console Computer
  • Operation Room Control Panel
  • Bedside PC
  • Intensive Care PC
  • Pendant PC for Blood Collecting Cabinets
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Digital Signage / Kiosk Solutions

We are the Pioneer of Advanced Technology and Innovation.

With Artech Digital Signage and Kiosk systems; We design, produce and provide smart city solutions from the public institutions to the Service, Retail, Transportation, Education and Finance sectors with an innovative and reliable perspective in many fields like human resources, customer service and self-service applications.

With Artech Kiosk solutions, the speed of transactions increases and your extra personnel costs decrease.

We offer professional solutions in the field of imaging and information technologies and ensure that you establish the most effective and accurate communication with your customers.

Our Sectoral Products;

  • Information Screens 
  • VideoWall
  • Indoor and Outdoor Totem
  • Wayfinder Kiosk
  • Self Service Kiosk for Human Resources and Student Affairs
  • Transaction and Queue Management Kiosk
  • Info Kiosk for Passenger Information
  • TVM Kiosk
  • Survey Kiosk
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