Information Security Policy

This policy has been designed to reduce the risk by evaluating effectively, quickly, and reliably intentional or unintentional, come from the inside and/or outside all kinds detected threats to the company's information assets in terms of confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility.

According to this;

  • We declare to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of customer and personnel information to protect personal information privacy.
  • We aim to identify owners and manage risks on information assets by taking inventory of information assets.
  • We commit that an information security organization has been established to ensure the execution of information security activities.
  • We commit to implement the necessary security controls in the operation of information systems activities and to define the roles and responsibilities for this.
  • We commit to taking physical, logical, and environmental security measures following the value of the information.
  • We declare to carry out business continuity activities to prevent interruptions in business activities and ensure continuous access to information.
  • We develop a response and reporting process against information security incidents.
  • We are committed to providing information security training to our employees and increasing information security awareness.