Career at Cizgi Technology

Our HR Policy

Çizgi Technology Human Resources Policy creates a healthy, safe, fair and respectful work environment for our employees. We value our employees, support their development and aim to grow together.
Our Human Resources Policies that successfully carry Çizgi Technology to the future are grouped under 5 main headings:

Selection and Placement

In direction of our corporate development process and practices, it is our main principle to include employees who are compatible with our core values, open to change and development, highly motivated and suitable for business needs. In order to enable our new employees to adapt to their work and business more quickly, we implement an orientation program that informs and experiences about our organizational structure, activity, social rights, responsibilities and working conditions.

Our main values as Çizgi Technology

  • Reliable,
  • Entrepreneur,
  • Innovative,
  • Caring,
  • Energetic,
  • Compatible,
  • Responsible,
  • Ethical
  • Solution-oriented.

We want to add creative and innovative friends who are interested in technology and who like teamwork to Çizgi Technology Family which grows day by day.

Training and Development

We determine the training needs of our employees in order to develop their knowledge, skills and competencies. We make annual training plans accordingly and ensure that they receive personal and professional development trainings and we support their development.

Performance Management

We evaluate the performance of our employees in a fair and transparent manner every year. 
We manage a process that progresses through interim and year-end evaluation through a measurable, concrete goal and specific competencies. We measure performance to encourage teamwork. With our performance management system, we ensure the efficiency, productivity and sustainability of workflows

Career Management

We help our potentially identified and developing employees to take on higher roles or to work in different departments. We offer equal approach, transparent management, effective communication and information to all employees regardless of differences. It is important the development of human resources with a fair performance management and strengthening employee loyalty by providing horizontal, vertical and cross career opportunities.

Wage Management

We adopt a fair and competitive wage policy determined in accordance with competent human resources, the size of the work performed and the structure of the sector. We review our salary policy every year in line with our company strategies through salary surveys We have an understanding that fulfills the obligations to the law and the state.

Vacancy Positions