Sense of Quality

We aim to meet customer expectations with maximum satisfaction with our industry experience over 25 years, experienced and qualified workforce, innovative and global solutions we offer by following the developing technology.

With our management system TS EN ISO 9001, TS ISO / IEC 27001, TS EN ISO 13485, which we have established to manage our processes effectively, we aim to protect our quality parameters and provide continuous improvement.

To achieve this primary goal:

  • We organize training to improve the knowledge, skills and competencies of our staff so that the activities carried out can be met on time and with appropriate quality.
  • We support continuous development with our participatory and pluralist management approach by adding our innovative and creative ideas to all our activities we carry out. 
  • We create sustainable customer value by effectively managing customer expectations and customer feedback.
  • We certify our products to prove that we manufacture in accordance with legal requirements and international standards. 
  • We constantly monitor the effectiveness of our management systems, evaluate process performance, take rapid action on opportunities and risks, and take major steps to achieve our vision.
  • We commit ourselves to reduce our waste, increase the recycling rate and fulfill our obligations to prevent environmental pollution through our activities that we carry out with sensitivity to the environment and nature.