Why Çizgi Teknoloji?

Why Çizgi Teknoloji?

As Çizgi Teknoloji, we are a customer-oriented, technology-leading company with our quarter-century experience in R&D, design, production, software, sales and after-sales services.

We offer our products and solutions to our business partners and customers under 3 product groups with Artech brand.

• Industrial Computer Solutions
• Medical Computer and Health Solutions
• Digital Signage and Kiosk Solutions

Our products are innovative, competitive and comply with international standards.

With our Industrial Computer product group, we offer optimal solutions customized to your facility's needs to increase your productivity. Our Artech Industrial Computers ensure the continuity of your production line and preserve in case of malfunction with its special locked slot feature that provides disk replacement in 15 seconds.

Our certified Medical Computer Product Group, facilitates access to information, ensures patient safety, thereby reduces error rates in surgeries, improves operating room efficiency and trust between the hospital and the patient.

Our Digital Signage and Kiosk product group, ensures the digitalization of your factory, hospital or company. With Artech Kiosks, you can perform your transactions quickly, easily convey your message to your target audience and strengthen the bond between you with our Digital Signage products.

As Çizgi Teknoloji our priority is to provide absolute customer satisfaction.